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5 books you must read

If there were one list of absolute must-read books about Horbury Village, what would you put on it? We asked local book store and authors that question; here are their picks with selected Horbury Village books that you must read and learn about this great village. All the books can be found at local book shop in Horbury and has all the informations you need about Horbury Village in West Yorkshire.

Around Old Horbury – Richard Bell A charming work by a local artist,on the historical treasures which Horbury has to offer. This beautifully illustrated booklet has small histories of buildings and places around Horbury. It will delight those familiar with the places depicted and anyone new to the area who is interested in learning a little more about Horbury.

Coxley Valley – Richard Bell This is a very interesting booklet on the various sites and areas to be explored in Coxley Valley. It gives interesting information on origins of names, historical buildings, and local wildlife to look out for, and would not be complete without being full of Richard Bell’s superbly depicted illustrations of everything the valley has to offer. This is another local volume by local artist Richard Belll which offers a brilliant companion to the area for those who know it well or are only just discovering it.

Proud Village – A History of Horbury in the County of Yorkshire – Horbury and District Historical Society This booklet a reprint of a work originally done in 1951,offers a general historical account of Horbury, including buildings and people of note. This reprint includes digitised, historical images of the township which bring to life the history it describes. Perfect for local history enthusiasts or just those curious about how the village came to be what it is today.

“The Handsomest Building” St. Peter and St. Leonard’s Church Horbury – Richard Knowles Here we have an in depth look at one of the greatest treasures to be found among the buildings of Horbury, setting it in the context of the township. It offers a wealth of information on this interesting subject and provides a much needed history on this remarkable John Carr church which epitomises so much of what makes Horbury such an interesting historical place. This illustrated booklet is a must for anyone interested in the history and architecture of the area.

Looking Back on Horbury 2 – Christine M. Cudworth This is a collection of local photographs with informative captions which offers fascinating images of bygone Horbury, bringing to life this historic township.

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